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October Jobs in the Veg Patch

Plant garlic Remove yellow leaves from Brussel sprouts. Cut pumpkins and squashes from the parent plant and leave in the sun to “Cure” the skin – this means allowing the skin to harden whilst the flesh inside ripens. Clear away supports from climbing beans. Clear dead material from the veg patch and begin winter digging. […]

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lily of valley

October Jobs in the Garden

September has flown by and with it the last of our summer visitors! October is a special month for me with various family occasions but I don’t like the autumnal weather this month can bring with deep low pressure systems carrying wet and windy weather! Like it or loath it this is also the Trick […]

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September Jobs in the Veg Patch

Continue to harvest any summer vegetables such as runner beans, peppers, chillies, sweetcorn and courgettes to name a few. Plant overwintering autumn onion sets. Sow winter lettuce. Turn your compost heap Pick all your remaining tomatoes including the green ones – these can be brought indoors to ripen or can be made into green tomato […]

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dead head

September Garden Jobs

Misty mornings and dewy grass can mean only one thing – Autumn is on the way. Autumn is my favourite season of the year with its intense colours, nature’s free harvest of blackberries and sloes, the hope of an Indian summer, bonfire night and crunchy leaves all make this a dramatic season. The garden is […]

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Sweetcorn growing

June Jobs in the Veg Patch

Plant runner beans. Watch out for Cabbage White eggs and caterpillars on Brassica’s – inspect the underside of leaves and squash any clusters of yellow eggs that you find – not a pleasant job but from my own experience it is easier to squash the eggs than to deal with a vegetable plot plagued with […]

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hanging basket

Garden Jobs for June

June is the month of the rose, contains the longest day of the year, the start of Wimbledon and the Queen celebrates her Official Birthday, its arrival also marks the start of summer. Borders and vegetables start to flourish and all your hard work in the garden can be admired. The risk of frost should […]

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