With its large frilly green leaves and pink/green stems Rhubarb looks great growing in the garden and it is a shame that since we’ve moved I no longer have this wonderful herbaceous perennial growing in my garden, however, I am fortunate enough that my husbands Grandmother does and luckily enough for me during our visit last Saturday I was able to pick as much as I liked.

Rhubarb is classified as a vegetable and once established in the garden it needs little attention but as with all plants will benefit from the odd watering during the summer months and general clearing of debris from around the plant in the autumn. During winter it can be left to its own devices without any protection – even in the harshest of winters. A word of warning though a fully established plant can spread to over 6ft during the summer months so it does need a lot of space and beware the leaves are poisonous so don’t be tempted to eat them or feed to rabbits/guinea pigs!

Rhubarb is an excellent filling for crumbles, pies and cobblers and can also be used in baked puddings such as a custard flan and as a base for fools. The stems can be made into jam, chutney and for the really adventurous why not try Rhubarb Wine!!

My particular favourite way to cook Rhubarb is to poach it, this is really easy to do and once cooked the poached rhubarb can be made into fools, used with meringue or can be eaten on its own.

Rhubarb is in season now – so what are you waiting for go on give this versatile vegetable a try!


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