A-Z of February Pruning

The garden during February can be a chilly affair but pruning back trees and shrubs is sure to keep you warm and will also keep you garden in tip top shape.

Here is your A-Z of things to prune in the garden during February.

When pruning back hard always ensure you prune to just above a bud or bud joint

Pruning just above a bud

Apple – Prune in winter to keep tree size, shape and growth all in check.

Blackberry – Cut down canes which bore fruit down to the base and train the new canes as the grow with wire.

Buddleia Davidii – Cut back hard in winter to woody base.

Cercis Canadensis – Create an open shrub by thinning out congested branches or shorten the previous years growth.

Clematis, Summer flowering – Find some strong new buds near the base and cut back all old growth just above the bud.

Cornus (Dogwood) – I like to leave these coloured stems as long as possible but when you need to make room you simply cut down to the base.

Currant (Black) – Retain upright shoots and cut approx 1/3 of last years stems hard to the base.

Currant (Red/White) – Remove all old unproductive wood and shoot tips and shorten all other side shoots to one bud.

Fig – Prune every winter cut out the old wood down to the base.

Fuchsia (Hardy) – Cut all stems down to soil level.

Gooseberry – Shorten shoot tips by half and side shoots to 5cm.

Honeysuckle (lonicera) – Cut 1/3 of oldest shoots to ground level.

Pruning raspberry canes - prune just above a bud as near to the ground as possible

Pruning Raspberry cane down to ground

Hydrangea (mophead & lacecap) – Remove old and crossing stems, shorten strong shoots to a low pair of buds.

Lilac – Cut back old wood.

Mahonia – After flowering shorten old stems.  Hard prune large shrubs or poor flowering.

Raspberry (Autumn fruiting) – Cut down all canes to ground level.

Rose (Hybrid) – Shorten all main stems to an outward facing bud, remove all crossing and dead stems.

Rose (Shrub) – Remove old woody stems.

Happy Pruning 🙂

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