Preparing Hyacinth Bulbs for Indoor Flowering

Hyacinth bulbsWell what a busy last week of the school holidays that was!  Hardly  did anything all summer (mostly due to the awful weather!) then cram in  ice skating, blackberry picking, collecting hive of bees and all other  general family things and now the weather has at last become nice just  as they all go back to school.  My two younger girls were very keen to  go back to school yesterday and my eldest started secondary today so  have mixed emotions of sadness due to her growing up so quickly and  excitement for her having a new beginning.

My blog today is about preparing Hyacinths for indoor flowering and I (with the help of my eldest daughter who filmed it) have made a short  video for those of you who haven’t done this before to help you.  Indoor Hyacinths smell and look fabulous so i really do encourage you all to  try this and they also make wonderful Christmas presents.

Hope you enjoy it and your comments would be welcome as always.  Have a fabulous weekend and enjoy the late summer sunshine whilst it lasts. X

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