October Garden Jobs

What a glorious month of weather September gave us sadly it has flown by and with it the last of our summer weather and visitors! October is a special month for me with various family celebrations but I don’t like the autumnal weather this month can bring with deep low pressure systems carrying wet and windy weather! The nights are drawing in and the light is getting dim so time to draw the curtains, light the fire and enjoy the cosy nights in, however, when the days are dry put on those willies and get outside for some fresh air and enjoy natures annual autumn display and if you’re feeling up to it here are some things to be getting on with in your garden.

Prune climbing roses ensuring that all leaves have been collected to help prevent black spot.

Summer flowering perennials that have finished flowering can be cut back and if necessary can be lifted and divided.

Plant forced Hyacinths for winter flowering – these make great Christmas presents.

Plant new perennials.

Lift and store dahlias and gladioli and be sure to label them as you remove them for winter storage.

October is a great month to plant heather.

Dead-head any remaining roses and cut back soft shoots which will help prevent die back in the winter, the main pruning can be carried out late February or early March.

Plant Lily of the Valley.

Lift tender perennials such as Agapanthus.

Sow Sweet peas to over winter in a cold greenhouse or cold frame.

Shorten stems on Buddleia and Lavatera to prevent wind damage – cut the stems in half and carry out the remaining pruning in spring.

Plant up pots and tubs with spring-flowering bulbs and bedding for winter colour.

Plant tulip bulbs.

Protect ponds with net or mesh to help prevent fallen leaves entering the pond.

Check ties and supports on young trees.

The frequency of lawn mowing can now be reduced.

Rake and collect fallen leaves and store in bin bags with holes to make leaf mould.

Clean the greenhouse.

Last chance to:

Plant daffodils.

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