November Garden Jobs

November Garden Jobs

Apologies for not posting during October the truth be told I needed a break from gardening which included writing about it but now that autumn is well and truly underway I am happy to get back into the gardening swing.   Autumn is my favourite season as I just love the sunny autumnal days which right now seem to be enhanced by the blaze of colour from the trees, the other thing I particularly love about autumn is the way nature is preparing itself for winter and whilst many of you hate the dark evening I love to light the fire and draw the curtains it makes everything feel cosy and homely and you get some awesome sunsets in autumn.

As an early riser who walks the dogs just after 6am I can confirm that we have had a few cold frosty mornings which will hopefully kill off some of the nasties that live in the garden.  With it being Guy Fawkes this weekend I urge any of you who already made the bonfire to give them a once over before lighting as due to the frosts hedgehogs will be wanting to take refuge to hibernate!!

The days are drawing in and the weather is cooler but there is still plenty to keep you busy and warm in the garden.

This is a great month for tidying the garden as good hygiene in autumn can prevent many diseases from breaking out next summer!img_20161019_163056.jpg

Plant up winter pots.

As the grass cutting comes to an end think about getting the lawnmower serviced.

Bare root trees and shrubs can be planted now.

Check your tools and clean the greenhouse.

Weed the borders.

Lift fuchsias, begonias and geraniums and bring inside.

Roses and heathers can be planted now.

Cut back summer perennials.

Protect tender plants from frosts and don’t forget to move pots undercover.

Dahlias should be lifted and stored not forgetting to label what they are.

Clear ponds of fallen leaves.

Anything bare root can now be planted such as trees, hedging and roses.

Gather fallen leaves and store in bin bags to make leaf mould or put directly onto the compost heap – leaves that have fallen onto borders can be left to compost naturally into the soil unless they are diseased in which case they should be burnt.

Clean out bird boxes and don’t forget to feed the birds.

Last chance to:

Plant tulips & hyacinths.

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