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July Garden Jobs

Apologies for the lack of posts during June the truth is that I had an operation in May which needed a long recovery time and during which I lost total interest in the garden as I was unable to do anything!  This was highly frustrating when you see your greenhouse dry out and plants in desperate need of planting out, my husband was as ever a rock and got the jobs done in the evenings after he had finished work but inevitably this is where my enthusiasm for the garden began to deflate, anyhow I am now back on track and back in the garden albeit with lighter duties (no heavy digging!).

With the exception of some glorious days in early June this summer has been rather dismal I cannot believe how chilly it has been and the deluge of rain that we have had it would be nice for the weather to warm and the sun to shine so we can at least feel as though we are in summer rather than early Spring.  No matter what the weather there is as ever garden jobs to carry out so here they are: –

Regularly pick your sweetpeas as this makes them last longer.

Lily beetle found in June and Julyl

Lily Beetle – these garden pests will destroy your lilies during June and July

Overgrown clumps of bearded and flag irises can be lifted and divided – when replanting ensure that the top of the rhizomes is visible as this encourages the plant to flower.

Check lilies for the dreaded lily beetle you can’t miss this garden pest as it is bright red in colour the best course of action is to squash them!  Signs of lily beetle are holes in the leaves.

Lupins and delphiniums can be cut back once the flowers have faded.

Continue weeding and dig out perennial weeds such as dandelions and docks.

Keep deadheading faded blooms.

As it has been so wet and mild the grass continues to put on lots of new growth so keep up with regular mowing but if it turns hot beware keep the blades a little higher so you don’t cut the grass too short as this could turn it brown.

Prune shrubs that have finished flowering such as deutzias, weigelias and philadelphus.

Autumn flowering bulbs can be planted this month such as Nerine bowdenii and autumn crocus.

Dahlia looking gorgeous.

Dahlia looking gorgeous.


Make sure that pots and baskets don’t dry out!

Check roses for signs of black spot.

Winter pansies can be sown now.

Whatever the weather I do hope that you get to enjoy your outdoor space this summer – fingers crossed for some warm balmy evenings soon.







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