February Garden Jobs

Tete-a-tete in flower in February

Tete-a -tete

Although it has an additional day this year February still remains the shortest month of the year and is the last month of winter.  February can give us glimpses of spring but beware as we can be plunged back into the depths of winter overnight.  So far winter has been very mild and wet which has caused many things to keep growing and indeed spring bulbs are well on their way with many daffodils already in flower so if you choose to dig your borders please be careful as perennials are also beginning to crown out of the soil.  If the weather does take a turn for the worse then you can take refuge indoors/greenhouse sowing seeds are looking through gardening catalogues to plan the forthcoming year but if the weather is kind here are some jobs for the month:-

February Garden Jobs

Due to the mild weather weeds have been problematic so take the opportunity to get on top of them before the garden really springs into action and weed them out.

Prune back trees and shrubs – check out our A-Z 

Use egg boxes for your chitting potatoes in February

Egg boxes make great chitting containers

Plant bare root trees, hedging and roses.

Chit early new potatoes.

Buy onion sets.

Tidy up winter flowering heather.

Plant up lily bulbs for summer colour.

Pot up dahlia and begonia tubers.

Keep off frosty grass.

Prepare a runner bean trench and keep filling with household compost, grass clippings or manure – we put guinea pig waste in ours.

Ensure that all hedges have been cut back before the bird breeding season starts next month.

Put up bird boxes in February

February is a great month to put up bird boxes.

Feed the birds and put up a nest box.

Flower seeds to sow undercover:-

Sweet peas, Marigolds, Salvia, Ageratum and Phlox.

Vegetable seeds to sow undercover:-

Broad beans, tomatoes, chillies, leeks, cabbages, aubergines and spinach.

Whatever the weather I do hope you enjoy your garden this month and if you have any questions then please feel free to get in touch :-).




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