A-Z of Things to Prune in June

A-Z of Pruning in June

Here is your handy guide of what to prune in June (I’m a poet & I didn’t know it!).  As April was such a cold month many plants took a while to get going during May and as a result are still in catch up mode so you may have to wait a little longer than usual before you begin attacking your shrubs with the secateurs on the plus side it means the shrubs are flowering for a longer period!  Again this month I have added things that can be trained, pinched out and deadheaded.



Chaenomeles – don’t prune until the flowers have faded

Chanenomeles (Japenese quince) – Once the flowers have finished you can prune, new stems can be shortened to approx 2-3 buds from base. As you can see from the picture ours is still in full flower so wait until flowers have finished before pruning.


Choisya Ternata (Mexican Orange Blossom) – Prune after flowering you need to reduce the stems by approx 2/3, if shrub has been neglected it can be cut back hard.

Clematis (Montana) – Again this was late to flower this year so it can still be cut back once the flowers have faded.

Euonymus – Cut back long shoots to help encourage new bushy growth from the base.

Forsythia – Prune as soon as the blooms fade shortening the new stems and removing any dead or damaged and some of the older stems.

Plum – Shorten main stems to strong side shoots.


Apple (Cordons, fans or espaliers) – Train new branches/shoots for desired shape or along framework.

Blackberry – Train new canes to supports as the grow.

Chanenomeles (Japenese quince) – New growth can be trained along wires.

Clematis (Summer Flowering) – New growth should be regulary encouraged onto supports.

Fig – Tie into framework.

Honeysuckle (Lonicera) – New shoots can be trained onto supports.

Jasmine (Winter Flowering) – New shoots can be trained onto wires and tied in.

Pear (Cordons, fans or espaliers) – Train new branches/shoots for desired shape or along framework.

Plum – Train new branches/shoots for desired shape or along framework.

Pyracantha – Tie onto supports.

Raspberry – Tie new canes onto supports as they develop.

Rose (Climbing) – Regularly tie in growth onto framework/wires.

Wisteria – Tie in new growth onto framework/wire as new shoots develop.

Thin Stems

Clematis (Summer flowering) – Now is a great to thin stems if the plant is congested.

Fatsia Japonica – Remove any damaged and congested stems at the base.

Lavatera – Remove congested stems at the base.

Deadhead or Pinch Out

Fuchsia (Hardy) – You can pinch out tips of new shoots this encourages branched plants with more flowers.

Lilac (Syringa) – Deadhead once flowers have finished.

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