Weekend Garden Jobs

31 January 2014

Weekend Garden Jobs – that is if you can get into the garden due to the weather!!

Keep off water logged lawns and borders!

Clear up leaf debris as many slugs and snails can overwinter amongst them and if left they can quickly multiply once the weather warms up and it will make the garden look much tidier.

February is a great month to put up bird boxes as the birds need a little time to get used to the boxes before they select them to nest in.

All bare root plants including roses can be planted now and up until the end of March.

Prune winter flowering jasmine once the flowers have faded as this will encourage plenty of new shoots for next winters flowers. Also prune back dogwoods – cut all the stems as close to the ground as possible as this will promote strong new growth for next year. Other plants that can be pruned hard now include Willow, Continus and Buddhelia.

Remember when the sun shines get out into the garden but watch where you are treading as the spring flowering bulbs are beginning to make an appearance.

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