Weekend Garden Jobs

Weekend Garden Jobs

Wow May already April seems to have rushed past in a blur!! So Bank Holiday weekend is upon us and the weather is not playing ball! Whilst on the point of the weather I would like to remind you all about the potential of night frosts, it is very tempting to pop to the garden centre and buy summer bedding but if planted out these could get frosted and die so my advice is to either buy hardy annuals or wait a little while longer – unless you have a greenhouse to keep them in.

Forsythia and flowering currants should’ve finished flowering and now is the best time to prune them – it is also a good time to trim back heathers and privet.

Hosta’s can be divided now.

Mow the grass.

Nerine’s, Lily’s & Gladioli can all be planted now for summer colour.

Overcrowded Daffodils that have finished flowering can now be dug up and moved.

Sweet peas can still be sown.

Keep weeding those borders.

Tie in climbing plants.

Put up supports for taller perennials – as they grow the foliage will hide the structure.

Hope you all have a fabulous bank holiday weekend – Enjoy!

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