Weekend Garden Jobs

Weekend Garden Jobs

Remove dead or fading flowers from early spring flowering bulbs.

Continue to prune fully hardy summer flowering shrubs.

Cut the grass – remember to keep the blades high.

Cut back ornamental grasses.

Re-pot container plants.

Start off overwintered dahlia tubers – put into trays cover the tubers with soil until just the tops of the tubers are showing – be careful not to bury the base of the stem.

Plant bare-root roses and finish pruning existing roses.

Cut back hydrangea flower heads – if you have left these on over winter now is the time to cut them off as this will let in more light which promotes new growth.

Divide border perennials.

Whilst daffodil’s are in flower have a look around the garden to see if you like their positions if not make a note and then these can be moved approx 6 weeks after they have finished flowering.

Plant gladioli corms for summer colour.

For those that planted/bought forced hyacinths for indoor flowering these can be planted outside once they have finished flowering.

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