Weekend Garden Jobs

Gosh this week has gone so quickly and the weather has also taken an autumnal feel – however if you are able to dodge the showers and have some spare time this weekend here are some garden jobs for you.

Now that the weather is changing think about protecting your tenders – move tender plants in pots to shelter and keep an eye on Dahlias for blackening leaves which is a sure sign they’ve been frosted!

Remove any dead flowers on roses and remove any suckers – to do this dig away the soil around the base of the rose and give the suckers a short sharp pull – if they are simply too tough cut them off, return the soil and firm it well.

Plant some Lily of the Valley.

Now is a great time to sow a wildflower area.

Pot up tired containers with bulbs, heathers or winter flowering pansies.

If your are lucky enough to have a greenhouse or coldframe you could try and sow some lettuce’s for late winter and spring choose more hardy varieties such as “Diamant” and “May Queen”

Most of all enjoy your garden while the weather is good and give it an all round tidy up in preparation for the onset of winter!


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