Veg Garden Jobs for June

Jobs in the Veg Patch

Plant runner beans.

Watch out for Cabbage White eggs and caterpillars on Brassica’s – inspect the underside of leaves and squash any clusters of yellow eggs that you find – not a pleasant job but from my own experience it is easier to squash the eggs than to deal with a vegetable plot plagued with caterpillars!

Plant Sweetcorn in blocks – unlike most crops it is pollinated by pollen falling from the male flowers onto the female flowers and not from insects and birds and by planting in blocks closely together pollination is more likely to occur – mark out a square and plant with 1ft spacing’s in each direction.

Plant out tomatoes, chillies and peppers.

As soon as peas and broad beans have finished cropping cut down the plants but leave the roots in the soil as they are rich in nitrogen.

Sow – Cucumbers, french beans, beetroot, salad crops, carrots, broccoli, pumpkins and courgettes.


New potatoes
Salad crops
Broad Beans

Last Chance to

Harvest rhubarb
Build supports for climbing beans

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