Things to Prune during January

I have found a marvellous A-Z of what to prune throughout the year so each month I’ll let you know what to prune!

Apple trees – prune now to retain shape and size.

Blackberry and Loganberry – cut all stems down to the ground.

Buddleia Davidii – cut back hard to the main stem.

Cornus – cut back hard to the base.

Blackcurrant – cut back by a third keeping all upright shoots.

Red and White Currants – Remove all shoot tips and old wood and shorten side shoots to one bud.

Fig – Cutting back the oldest wood back to the base.

Gooseberry – Shorten side shoots to approx 5cm and shoot tips by half.

Pear – Same as apple.

Raspberry – Autumn fruiting – cut stems back to the ground.

Wisteria –  cutting back to two/three buds from the main stem.

Please do bear in mind that no pruning should be carried out if a hard frost is forecast – wait until the weather turns milder again.

Happy Pruning

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