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A-Z of Pruning During August

Here is the A-Z of things to prune, deadhead and train during the summer month of August. Prune Apple – Cordons, Fans and Espaliers – Shorten new growth. Buddleia alternifolia – Once the shrub has finished flowering you can cut back all the flowered stems. Ceanothus – Prune back after flowering by shortening all shoots […]

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A-Z of Things to Prune in June

A-Z of Pruning in June Here is your handy guide of what to prune in June (I’m a poet & I didn’t know it!).  As April was such a cold month many plants took a while to get going during May and as a result are still in catch up mode so you may have […]

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A-Z of April Pruning

Spring is now in full swing and many of us feel it’s time to venture into the garden but sometimes the things that need to be done can overwhelm us especially with what can and can’t be cut back!  So here is the helpful a-z of what to prune this month:- Brachyglottis “Sunshine” – Hard […]

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January in the Garden

Well what a wet, depressing but mild December we have just got through, thank goodness for Christmas to brighten the dull and dreary month!  January has arrived bringing with it a new year and many resolutions some of which may already have been broken but as the year has only just begun why not take […]

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Christmas wreath

December Garden Jobs

Lets be honest gardening during December is not high on the priority of most people, however, Christmas preparation can be a stressful time and therefore the garden can be a place with which to let off some steam (I find some hard digging can do the trick), so for those that get a little spare time […]

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October Garden Jobs

October the middle month of autumn and what a warm start to the month it has been with September leaving in a blaze of an Indian summer!  The sunshine may be less but the temperatures have remained unseasonably warm, combine this with the rain and you have perfect weed germination conditions!!  For me October in the garden […]

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