Spring (or lack of it!!)

pansiesSo this Spring was officially the coldest for the last 50 years and as a result the garden and wildlife is about 3 weeks behind where it should be, this is more than apparent in my own bee-hive which if I’m honest is struggling.

But don’t despair as May draws to a close and June begins a new season is amongst us – Summer officially starts tomorrow and we can but hope that the weather begins to feel more summery. The apples trees in the orchard are now in full blossom which will provide welcome relief for many insects, birds and my own bees.

The garden will certainly benefit from some warmth and just with the sun coming out this morning it already feels as though it is breathing a sigh of relief, the poppies and flag irises have opened their blooms and the sound of swifts circling the house is another sign that summer is on the way.

Unfortunately the long term forecast for June is unsettled but the weathermen have been wrong before so lets hope they are wrong again.

While the sun shines lets make some hay and get outside and enjoy the fine, warm weather!!


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