September Garden Jobs

dead headMisty mornings and dewy grass can mean only one thing – Autumn is on the way. Autumn is my favourite season of the year with its intense colours, nature’s free harvest of blackberries and sloes, the hope of an Indian summer, bonfire night and crunchy leaves all make this a dramatic season. The garden is a riot of colour and the veg patch still has a bountiful harvest for you to enjoy, this is also the month where you can plant bulbs for indoor flowering to brighten up the dreary winter days and plant bulbs outdoors for colour next spring!

September is a great time to divide perennials as the soil is still warm enabling new roots to form.

Some hardy annuals can be sown now but if you have a heavy clay soil it maybe better to sow undercover as the seedlings may rot.

Sow or turf new lawns.

Plant spring flowering bulbs

Plant out spring flowering biennials such as wallflowers, Canterbury bells and sweet Williams.

Before the wet weather arrives dig over heavy clay soil and then keep off to help prevent compaction!

Prune climbing roses.

Support tall growing perennials such as tall varieties of Aster.

Continue dead-heading.

Remove thatch from lawns, and once completed you can aerate and top dress with sand.

Plant evergreen shrubs.

Keep borders and beds tidy by collecting dead flower heads and leaves – this not only improves the look of the garden but can help prevent disease and hiding places for pests such as slugs and snails.

Tie in climbing plants

Last chance to force hyacinths for Christmas flowering.

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