Natural Habitat Creation

Natural Habitat Creation

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Our wildlife is struggling and what better way to help than by creating a natural habitat in your own garden.  Difficult areas of the garden can be transformed with the creation of a natural habitat such as those with poor drainage or lack of sunlight.

A dedicated wildlife area planted with native plants, shrubs and trees will not only provide foliage, nectar, berries, seeds and nuts for the wildlife but will provide your garden with an area of all year round interest.

Creating a natural habitat is an effective method of transforming difficult areas of the garden, such as those with poor sunlight or drainage. A dedicated wildlife area planted with native plants, shrubs and trees will provide foliage, nectar, berries, seeds, and nuts that many species of wildlife require to survive and thrive.

Heritage Environmental Contractors are specialists in this area and can help to develop natural areas in your garden which will provide increased interest and diversity. We can provide help and advice on sustainable gardening methods which will help conserve precious resources and reduce the use of chemicals and pesticides.

Simple methods include:

  • Mulching
  • Supplementing lawned areas with wild plants
  • Planting drought tolerant plants
  • Preserving water through recycling ‘grey’ water and using water collectors

The overall aim is to increase the variety of wildlife present within the natural area, giving huge scope for positive planting.

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