July’s Jobs in the Veg Patch

Due to the warm weather and the little bits of rain that we have had my vegetable patch has exploded, the potatoes, lettuce and beetroots have put on so much growth and I noticed yesterday that the runner beans are beginning to flower!  I do hope that the continued hard work that you have put into your vegetable garden is paying off too and this month it should be supplying you with a continuous stream of delicious ripe fruit and vegetables for you to enjoy.

Harvest regularly and if you’re going on holiday ask a friend or neighbour to pop in and help themselves to prevent waste, this also helps to ensure continued cropping.

Once the leaves have begun to turn yellow onions, garlic and shallots can be lifted ready for drying but be sure to do this during a dry spell if it’s wet it’s better to wait.

Prune cherries and plums once all the fruits have been harvested.

Herbs should be picked regularly to encourage new growth.

Keep watering and make sure things don’t dry out, on really hot days things that you have grown in grow bags such as tomatoes and cucumbers should be watered morning and night, also mulching the veg garden with garden compost or grass clippings will to help conserve moisture.

Pinch out tips of climbing beans.

Once strawberries have finished fruiting the leaves and runners can be removed – you can pot on the runners to make new plants!

Pinch out the side shoots on tomatoes and feed.

Watch out for bolting lettuces and beetroot’s.

Prune the side shoots on grape vines and if necessary thin out the fruits.

Summer fruiting raspberries should be cut down to ground level once they’ve finished fruiting.

Sow – Turnips, Swede, peas, spring cabbage, carrots and beetroot.

Last chance to:

Dib in leeks.

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