July Garden Jobs

Gosh it’s the 3rd of July, June seemed to vanish so quickly!! Summer is now is full swing and this month all your hard work in the garden should now be paying dividends as the garden should be a riot of colour and looking at its best. Hopefully the weather will also be glorious so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the summer evenings admiring your handiwork.

Remove flower heads from lupins, delphiniums and peonies as they fade.

Flag Irises can now be lifted and divided.

Flowering shrubs which have finished flowering can now be pruned – these include weigelia, philadelphus and deutzias.

Lavender flowers, statice and helichrysums can be cut and brought in to dry – cut the stem as low to the ground as possible, tie into bunches and hang upside down to dry.

Keep weeding – perennial weeds such as dandelions and docks should be removed by hand to ensure that most/if not all of the tap-root is removed.

Deadheading is one of the most important jobs throughout the summer months as this will ensure your plants keep flowering well into autumn.

If the weather is dry grass will grow more slowly so beware of cutting the grass too low as scorching will occur.

Summer Prune wisteria – cut back the long leafy summer shoots to around 6” or 5-6 buds from the main stem.

Keep pots and baskets well watered and for an extra bit of TLC feed them.

Stake Gladioli, large flowering Chrysanthemum and dahlias.

Plant autumn crocus.

Top up ponds, remove blanket and duck weed.

Sow winter flowering pansies.

Trim back early border plants such as Crane’s-Bill Geraniums, not only will this tidy them up but you may get a second flush of flowers in September.

Any biennials such as Sweet Williams that were sown earlier this year can now be thinned and moved to spare ground or potted on but be sure to keep them well watered.

Check lilies for aphids and lily beetle.

Last chance to:

Fill gaps with summer bedding.


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