Jobs in the Veg Patch w/e 7 March

Finish winter pruning.

Prepare seed beds by raking over the soil until large clumps have been reduced to a fine tilth.

Sow broad beans approx 7cm deep and 20cm apart – these are usually sown in double rows leaving a 60cm wide path between each pair.

Other seeds which can be sown directly outside now include parsnips, radish, peas, cabbage, leeks, lettuce and sprouting broccoli.

Annual herbs can also be sown now these include borage, chervil, fennel and dill.

Plant garlic, first early potatoes and shallots.

Plant bare root apple and pear trees, raspberries, blackberries, gooseberries and currants.

Harvest – Rhubarb, celeriac, parsnips, swedes and any remaining brussel sprouts.

Enjoy the warm sunny weather and if you don’t have a veg patch plan one!

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