Jobs in the Veg Patch During March

Jobs in the Veg Patch

Plant first early seed potatoes – providing the ground isn’t frozen.

Dig a runner bean trench – Runner beans are greedy plants and a prepared trench will ensure a good crop.  Dig a trench approx. 2ft deep by 2ft wide, loosen the soil in the bottom then fill it with kitchen peelings, grass clippings, manure (we use our guinea pig waste including newspapers), allow to rot before planting your beans in April/May.

Providing the soil has dried out from all the wet weather seed beds can be prepared by raking out the soil to a fine tilth – if the soil is sticking to your boots then it’s probably still too wet so wait until it dries out a little more.

Divide perennial herbs such as mint and chives.  Trim sage and rosemary.

If you’ve been forcing your rhubarb then now is the time to remove the cloche and hopefully you’ll be enjoying some pink tenders stems this month.

Plant a herb garden.

Things to sow outside include – broad beans and peas if it’s a very mild month then carrots can also be sown outside.  Herbs to sow outside include chives, dill, coriander and parsley.

Things to sow undercover include – Aubergines, cabbages, celeriac, cucumbers, and lettuce. Sprouting broccoli and tomatoes.

Harvest – Rhubarb, brussel sprouts, parsnip and swede.

Last chance to:-

Finish winter pruning of fruit trees/bushes, plant bare root fruiting shrubs/trees, buy and “chit” first early seed potatoes.

Shallots, onions and garlic can be planted this month.

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