Jobs in the Veg Patch

Jobs in the Veg Patch
It’s not too late to begin chitting some seed potatoes!!

Plant onions and shallots.

Sow some parsnips.

Dig up perennial weeds.

Check your rhubarb and harvest any forced stems.

Prune your gooseberries.

Divide perennial herbs such as mint and chives.

Trim sage and rosemary.

Plant up bare root fruit trees and shrubs.

Dig a runner bean trench – Runner beans are greedy plants and a prepared trench will ensure a good crop. Dig a trench approx. 2ft deep by 2ft wide, loosen the soil in the bottom then fill it with kitchen peelings, grass clippings, manure (we use our guinea pig waste including newspapers), allow to rot before planting your beans in April/May.

Sow carrots thinly in drills 12-18mm and 23cm apart.

Don’t forget Mothering Sunday

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