January in the Garden

Well what a wet, depressing but mild December we have just got through, thank goodness for Christmas to brighten the dull and dreary month!  January has arrived bringing with it a new year and many resolutions some of which may already have been broken but as the year has only just begun why not take this opportunity to make this the best year for your garden.  I am currently reading a book on tidying/de-cluttering, not that I am messy but I find it hard to let go of things, therefore, I tend to hoard but I digress this book has got me thinking about the garden too.  A brief summary of the book is that you take each object and ask whether it brings you joy, if the answer is yes then you keep it if it is no then you discard it, January is the perfect month to think about your garden in this way does it bring you joy? If the answer is no then ask yourself why and then ask what you want from your garden, most things are now possible as even the tiniest of gardens can grow fruit, vegetables and have livestock albeit in the form of chickens.  So get yourself a pen and paper and find out what you truly want from your garden and make this year the best it has ever been!

Whilst you are pondering on the above and providing the weather is kind here are some jobs for the garden that can be carried out this month:-

Due to the mild winter weeds have been able to grow and germinate now is a great time to remove perennial weeds such as dandelion, nettle and docks.

Plant bare root trees and hedging.

Wisteria side shoots can be shortened to approx 5cm.

Avoid walking on grass and borders when frozen.

Check tree ties.

Winter prune fruit trees and bushes.

Cover rhubarb for forcing.

Check Dahlia tubers to ensure that these have not become to rot.

Winter dig the borders, however, if the soil is wet be sure to use a board or wait for drier conditions.

Things that can be sown in the greenhouse or on a windowsill includes:

Flower seeds:- Snapdragon, Verbena, Cyclamen, Geraniums, Sweet Peas, Pansies and Begonias.

Vegetable seeds:- Early cauliflowers, tomatoes, chillies, broad beans, and onions.

Happy New Year to you all 🙂

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