How to Divide Snowdrops

Snowdrops 1Snowdrops (Galanthus) are a beautiful sight in late winter as they appear when little else in the garden is in flower. It is best to plant snowdrops “in the green” which means buying them after they have flowered but before the foliage dies, however, if you are lucky enough to have a clump or two in the garden then they are easily divided and as they quickly reproduce you’ll have many more snowdrops without the need of purchasing!

Snowdrops 2Choose a mature clump of snowdrops to split.

Dig around the clump and lift out of the ground.

Once out of the ground you can begin to separate into smaller clumps – I’ve used about 10

Snowdrops 3

bulbs per clump (or you can divide into individual bulbs), using your hands gently pull the clump apart this should happen fairly easily, don’t force the foliage otherwise it can break – if the clump is difficult to pull apart soak it in a little water for about 20 minutes and this will help to loosen the soil around the bulbs.

Snowdrops 4

From the initial clump of snowdrops (as shown in the first picture) I was able to divide this up to make 12 individual clumps.

Once you have all your smaller clumps you simply replant them in the position of your choice.

When replanting put the bulbs into the ground at a slightly deeper

Snowdrops 5

depth than you took them out, this is easy to spot as the stems that were below soil will be white, recover the bulbs with soil leaving the foliage above ground. If the soil and conditions are dry water them in.

Now all you have to do is wait until next winter to enjoy the beautiful white blooms.

Bulbs can also be replanted individually but this is much more time consuming.


Snowdrops 6

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