Garden Jobs for June

Garden Jobs during June

June is the month of the rose, contains the longest day of the year, the start of Wimbledon and the Queen celebrates her Official Birthday, its arrival also marks the start of summer. Borders and vegetables start to flourish and all your hard work in the garden can be admired. The risk of frost should have passed and days are longer and warmer but June can also be a damp cool month so fingers crossed this year June will provide us with the start of a long hot summer!

Mowing will become a weekly task and the blades can continue to be lowered, during dry spells reduce the frequency of mowing especially if you start to notice brown patches.

Spring flowering bulbs that need to be moved due to overcrowding can be lifted once the foliage has died down or turned yellow – lift out of the ground and leave to dry in boxes, once dry the leaves can be removed the bulbs can then be stored in a cool place until the autumn.

Plant up hanging baskets.

Check stakes on taller perennials.

Keep an eye on roses for suckers, these are easy to spot as they are generally lighter in colour than the main plant and usually grow from the base of the existing rose. The easiest way to deal with suckers is to pull them off rather than to cut as cutting will encourage them to regrow.

Fill gaps in the border with summer flowering bedding.

Keep weeding – as the borders fill out it is easier to hand pull annual weeds and dig out perennial weeds.

Dead-heading should be carried out regularly to encourage new flower growth.

Last Chance to

Sow biennials for spring flowers next year such as Wallflowers, sweet Williams and Canterbury Bells.

Plant out Dahlias.


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