February Garden Jobs

February Garden Jobs

The last month of wHellebore 3inter and the shortest month of the year but February can be a fickle time as one moment we can be sunk into the depths of winter with snow and plummeting temperatures forcing us all to retreat indoors and the next glorious sunshine beckons us outside and Spring seems to be well and truly on the way!  The weather will determine how much time we spend in our gardens this month but if we are to have a cold snap don’t despair as you can garden from the comfort of your home by planning the garden and veg for the coming year ahead with the help of the seed and plant catalogues.

Continue to plant bare-root shrubs and trees.

Prune your buddleia – these can be cut back hard to the main stem.  Other shrubs which can also be pruned now include Lavatera, hardy fuchsias, heathers and late flowering Clematis.

Snowdrops can be moved and divided once they have finished flowering.

Deadhead winter flowering pansies.

Sow sweet-peas (undercover) preferably in long root containers, however, don’t rush out and buy these as you can recycle your toilet rolls or sow several into a larger pot.

Plant lilies.

Prune climbing roses – cut out dead and weak shoots then cut back the lateral shoots that flowered last year back to two or three buds.


Turn your compost bins.

If the weather is milder dahlia tubers and begonias can be planted into trays of soil in the greenhouse to start them off.

Keep off the grass if it’s frozen but if it is a mild month then the grass will begin to grow and near the end of the month the grass can be mowed ensuring the blades are on the highest setting.

Towards the end of the month Floribunda and Hybrid Tea Roses can also be pruned – how can you tell which is which?  As a general rule Floribunda have clusters of flowers on a stem whilst Hybrid Tea have larger flowers usually on single stems.



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