December Garden Jobs


december gardeningWell hello December where did you spring from!!  I know November is a shorter month but 30 days has whisked past a little too quickly for my liking.  If I’m honest my gardening time during November was non-existent unless planting indoor bulbs counts – this is partly due to our dog Bunty having an op on her back leg but mostly as I have been so busy in the office, ferrying kids here there and everywhere and then just the general family chores of cleaning and food shopping but I really would like to try to find some spare time again!!

So December is here and with it a cold spell of weather of which I am grateful for as I simply cannot stand mild winters to me they should be frosty, cold and sunny not dull, damp and mild!  The Christmas rush and excitement is beginning but if like myself you’re not uber-organised with presents yet then do take a look around our online shop for some lovely gardening gifts – in my opinion seeds make a great gift as they keep on giving long after Christmas has been and gone and our boxed seed collections have sold particularly well.

If unlike myself you find yourself with some spare time then here are some garden jobs for the month of December

Feed the birds.

Beware of heavy snow fall and make sure you shake this off trees, shrubs and hedges otherwise these could be damaged.

Check bulbs grown for indoor flowering.

Protect tender plants from cold.

Plant bare root trees and shrubs.

Due to the frosty weather the trees have finally shed their leaves collect these up to make leaf mold.

During mild spells of weather the grass can be mowed but keep the blades high.

Beware of terracotta pots in frozen weather as these have a tendency to shatter – either put them under cover of lift them off the ground.

Pruning of trees, shrubs, ornamental and fruiting woody plants can all be carried out now.




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