Blackberry Vodka


There are plenty of blackberries around at the moment so I would urge you all to go out and pick some.

Not only are blackberries a fantastic source of vitamin C, they taste great and are extremely versatile and can be used in baking, crumbles, jams, chutneys and drinks.

The following recipe is so easy to make and with a little patience tastes great and can even be given as lovely Christmas presents if presented in a nice bottle.

You will need

  • 70cl vodka (I usually buy the cheapest I can find)
  • 500gms blackberries
  • 200gms white sugar (caster dissolves quicker)
  • 1.5ltr Kilner jar or suitable container

You can reuse the vodka bottle as I have done in the picture but as you will see it isn’t big enough to contain all the liquid so I have used a smaller Kilner jar as well.

blackberry vodka

Wash the blackberries and place them into a sterilised 1.5ltr Kilner jar with the sugar followed by the vodka put on the lid and give it a good shake, you will find that the sugar keeps falling to the bottom of the jar but I can assure you that if you keep turning the jar every couple of days that the sugar will soon dissolve.

Keep the jar in a cool dark place and once all the sugar has dissolved shake the jar once a week. After about 8 weeks you will be rewarded with a fabulous homemade liqueur.

Once the liqueur is ready sterilise the bottles of your choice, strain the vodka through a sieve, decant into the clean bottles and enjoy!

You can also reuse the steeped blackberries you could make a version of blackberry tirimusi – replace the coffee with some of the blackberry vodka and fold in some of the blackberries into the mascarpone and hey presto, another good recipe for the blackberries is pavlova or blackberry Eton mess.

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