April in the Garden

After the wettest winter on record what a difference some warm Spring sunshine is making, Spring has definitely Sprung!  Bees and butterflies have been out and about, the birds are beginning to nest and trees, shrubs, grass and weeds are all bursting into life, the days are longer and warmer making April a busy gardening month but beware sunny days turn into sharp frosts!.

Weeding is a tedious task but little and often will help keep the garden under control!

Early flowering shrubs such as Forsythia, flowering currants and Spirea can be pruned as soon as they finish flowering.  Cut the flowered stems back to strong new leafy side shoots this keeps your shrubs neat, compact and ensures they flower next year.

Stake tall perennials such as Delphiniums and Campanulas the foliage will soon cover any unsightly supports.

Deadhead and tidy up Camelias – clear weeds from around the base and pick off dead/fading flowers.

Protect smaller perennials from slugs and snails.

Divide established perennials  – dig around the plant and lift out of the ground, insert 2 forks into the centre of the clump back to back, push against each fork prising them apart, this will break up the clump, this can be quite tricky but keep going and you will be rewarded, new clumps can be planted and should flower later this year.

Dead head daffodils this ensures the bulb doesn’t waste energy producing seed heads and instead forms next year’s flower, leave foliage to rot down without tying.

Lawn Care – Remove dead thatch, using a spring tined rake pull it vigorously all over the lawn, this might make it look shabby but it will soon recover and look better than before.  Trim lawn edges.   Clean the underside of your mower and ensure blades have been sharpened.  Begin regular mowing but don’t be tempted to cut it too short, keep the blades of the mower high.

Sow sweet peas, sunflowers and hardy annuals

Sow or turf new lawns

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Plant summer flowering bulbs such as Lily, Gladioli and Begonias.

Prune roses and lavenders

Trim winter flowering heathers

Remove any of last year’s dead growth on perennials

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