A-Z of April Pruning

Spring is now in full swing and many of us feel it’s time to venture into the garden but sometimes the things that need to be done can overwhelm us especially with what can and can’t be cut back!  So here is the helpful a-z of what to prune this month:-

Brachyglottis “Sunshine” – Hard prune neglected plants, otherwise just cut back to a nice shape.

Caryopteris – Remove old stems to encourage new growth.

Euonymus – Cut back long shoots to encourage new growth from the base.

Fatsia Japonica – Remove some of the old, congested or damaged stems at the base.

Fig – Cut out the oldest stems down to base – the aim is to create an open frame.

Hydrangea – Remove very old and crossing stems.  Shorten strong shoots to a low pair of buds.

Jasmine (winter flowering) – Trim back after flowering removing the oldest stems at the base.

Lavatera – Hard prune cutting back the oldest stems to approx 15-30cm from the base.

Pyracantha – Trim to shape shortening new growth.

Happy Pruning.

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